Since there are only two bedrooms upstairs, the two daughters share a room (or will once the baby is old enough to join her sister upstairs). Previously, Ethan (10) had a “cabin themed” room. Don’t ask me why? I don’t know what I was thinking. When baby No. 3 came along, we decided to switch the kids bedrooms around so the girls would have the larger room, and so I took the opportunity to paint both rooms and redecorate (I didn’t think Ethan would much appreciate having a purple bedroom). 

Here’s Ethan’s room: 


For wall art I used some photos of friends, as well as some vintage finds from the Treasure Stop and the Benson Flea Market in Sioux Falls. For his night stand, I used some pages from one of his favorite books – a vintage fossils book that was falling apart. I simply used Modge Podge to affix them to the table, and a coating of Modge Podge to seal them on. His bedding is still a work in progress. I haven’t found anything I like enough to use in his room. I divided the upper half of the room from the lower half using Valspar’s Chocolate on bottom and Sea Moss on top.


Here’s Madelin (6) and Olivia (the baby’s) room:

In the girls room, I used a Valspar paint (again) in the color Fairy on top, and chocolate on bottom. There’s a creepy attic door on the wall in this room, so to cover it up, I used a shower curtain and made a seam across the top – hung it over a decorative curtain rod that I suspended from the ceiling with plant hooks and wire. Then I put a feather boa across the top and pinned some butterflies to the curtain. Ta-da! Super girly creepy door cover! All of the shelves and picture frames in the room are junking finds and they all came in that ever-so-popular 1970s gold finish (even though they’re plastic) so I painted them all a matte white. I also used a fixture sleeve to make an impromptu “fake chandelier” in the window dormer just because it looked bare. I added some ribbons around the top with jewels hanging from the ribbon to dress up the brown crochet and make it look a little more “girly”. I found both the vanity table and the lovely chair with it (I didn’t even recover it! It just came this way!) at a garage sale for $15!

Then, my most favorite find ever at the Habitat Re-store was Madelin’s headboard.

It was a mere $5 and all it needed was a little sanding (okay a lot of sanding) and some flat white paint.