I often spend time browsing through other people’s blogs to see what the latest trends are. Lately, I’ve been doing so more often. Because it’s addicting. It’s like coffee. Ironically, while I’m browsing… I’m also drinking coffee. Then I find myself at the end of the day full of pent up energy from loading myself up with caffeine and sitting dormant. That’s okay, though, because then I’m jived and inspired to get to work on my projects.

So now I’ll admit – this week, I’ve been on a ROLL browsing blogs. It’s been such a distraction, I forgot I put the dog outside, and my poor Lhasa Poo, Jack, was out in the rain for an hour and a half. He’d have been okay if he’d remembered to go in his dog house, but he never does. After a bath, I was back online. Soon, I realized it was 11:30 and wow – 5 a.m. comes quick.

Anyway – see there I go all distracted again – here’s some of the good ones I found:

Lately I’ve been working on some jewelry, and I love the store Anthropologie, so I was REALLY excited to see an “Anthro Necklace Week” on Flaming Toes blog! Here’s the link:
<a href=" “>

“Little Bit Funky” has an adorable tutorial for children’s clothing. You can find her here:
<a href="“>

Reenie Jae Creations has a tutorial for a square wreath. It’s both cute, and different:
<a href="REENIE “>

Cottage Hill has an AWESOME tutorial for books turned into a planter:
<a href="“>

A Woman’s Haven – I love EVERYTHING about this blog. Her designs are so inspirational!
<a href="“>

And then last, but not least – The Girl Creative has got a TON if ideas. I do mean a TON. If you look at this one, make sure you haven’t left the oven on beforehand!
<a href="The Girl Creative“>