At my office, we like to have fun. I am a news editor at a small weekly newspaper in rural Minnesota. Since there’s just two full time employees and one part timer, we get to know each other pretty well. This is why sometimes, we can have fun at work. My part-time graphic designer happens to know I like Zombies. Just because I think they are fun. Plus – there’s a lot of fun zombie signs, etc.,. So recently, he made me this:

Yeah, it’s a little weird, but I still printed and framed it 😀

Another fun day at work was the day I brought one of my creations in and sat sipping tea like nothing was wrong, waiting for someone to notice that the teacup I had made said something funny. When nobody said anything I finally said, “Hello! Did nobody notice this?” Yeah, they had. They just didn’t think it was out of the ordinary for me.

I made three “Hussy” cups and two “Trollop” cups. They all sold. Most of them to my cousin who shares my wicked sense of humor…