When it came time for me to tackle my living room, I realized a couple of things too late… the ugly wallpaper in the room was not decorative. It was functional. It turned out that in most places, that ugly wallpaper was covering up crumbling plaster walls.

So I tore the wallpaper off, discovered this disaster and had to form a new plan. I had to fix the walls. By the time I finished patching and attempting to smooth the walls back out, I realized that unless I put up new sheet rock in the entire room, I was going to have lumpy walls. I had been thinking about color, but realized that any strong color was going to highlight the lumpiness of my walls. I decided on a medium khaki. Ever since I’ve regretted that decision. My furniture is all in shades of brown. Most of my decor items are in shades of brown. The carpet is brown. The trim is brown. The room is very…. brown.

So now I have this one section of the room that doesn’t have brown…
My gallery wall

But now I’ve been considering a new color – a blue color and to heck with my lumpy walls! I’m going for it. I need color and I need light and shimmer and….
Okay, I’m going for color.

So I decided I wanted some blue… a light gray/blue. So I wandered on down to my local Hardware Hank where I found some paint samples that were pretty similar…

The top is close, but I’m looking for a more gray blue. If that makes sense….

Anyway, then I ran across the idea of a metallic feature wall on a blog called “A Place For Us” (Which is fabulous… you should check it out!)

Great – bye bye photo wall and hello wallpapered wall and book shelf!
The bookshelf idea comes from the new store I’m involved with. The owner of Italy Ava – The Handmade Marketplace (a shop where she sells her own handmade wares as well as consigns others handmade wares such as mine) had a bookshelf similar to a Ballard Designs book shelf. I fell in love. That will be the style I go with for my living room for sure…
(Shown here with my items in the boutique)

Except that mine will be dark colored because I’ll be painting all the trim in my room a dark color. So then I’ve been thinking about the rooms contents. I currently have light fixtures that are extremely plain. A very high ceiling in the room means I have to drag the kitchen table into the living room to stand on to change a light bulb (or I suppose I could invest in a ladder, but well, ya ‘know…) I’ve been thinking I should take advantage of that height and hang some chandeliers in their place – like this capiz shell chandelier Neiman Marcus sells – (*except obviously I’d make it myself because these are $995!!!)

To top it all off, I happened to wander into a new “consignment store” that recently opened in the area and found THIS HUGE FRAME! (I have to type that in caps lock because it’s just so HUGE) for only $25!!!!!!!!!!

Which of course also reminds me of the ship painting I bought that originally set me dreaming about the room re-do….

(Both of these frames are in desperate need of paint, but WOW what a steal!)

The HUGE GIGANTIC FRAME I plan to paint and hang empty on the wall. The ship painting will have a frame repaint, but I’m keeping the painting because I kind of like it, and it has a really interesting story behind it (more on that in another blog).

In the meantime… I finally did find that color paint I want in a magazine ad, but I still have no idea what the color is called …..