This weekend, I decided to start a new project – vintage map covered lampshades. Sounds easy enough, however, I’d decided to accomplish this by layering circles of paper around and around the lampshade until I had a “feathered” look.

I started with a lampshade… a really UGLY lampshade….

….and a bucket full of one and a half inch circles cut out of an old map….

….many hours later. Really – WaY later… and a LOT of adhesive later…. the ugly lampshade now looks like this…

By the end of the weekend, I’d added a few more to the inventory… among many other things…. There used to be a table under all of this…

Buy we also found time to move in the “camper/playhouse”. Recently, I acquired a pickup topper camper that I’m currently working on converting into a playhouse for the girls. To do this I’ve been collecting items for awhile, stockpiling vintage wooden shutters and miniature furniture in the garage, painting as I go, waiting to get the camper placed into the yard. We’ll be painting the outside to match the house, putting a miniature picket fence around it, planting some flowers and building a little deck. We also have plans to put in a cobblestone path from the house to the playhouse in the spring. The inside will be painted, with new curtains and cushion covers, and decorations hung on the walls. In the meantime, we had to get it here and that was… interesting. The only injury was a small cut to the palm of my hand (and for me- kind of a clutz- that’s pretty much a miracle) and a small dent in the siding on one side where we “oops” knocked it off the camper jack still one foot of the ground.
The kids had fun playing in it right away… despite that it was dusty and currently pretty ugly.

and after all of that… we still had to get ready for the first day of school! Luckily everyone went to bed early! I woke up a bit earlier than I usually would the next morning. 5:30 is still pretty dark, so I wandered through the bedroom, searching for the light switch. Just as I found it and flicked it upward, I heard a loud flapping and as the light turned on, I saw nothing but wings – A BAT! I threw myself at the floor and screamed a little… .which caused Sam (my big, fat orange cat) to launch off the staircase like a rocket to take cover under the kitchen table. Bats scare Sam too. I have no idea where the bat went, but I imagine when it gets dark tonight, I’ll find out!

First day of school