The Camper-Playhouse Project: Three kids can make the house sometimes seem too s…mall. They love to go outside and play, but we also live in Minnesota – which means that quite frequently, the weather interferes with that. Looking into plans to build playhouses, I started to think – there’s got to be a way to utilize things that already exist. Lo and behold – the camper-playhouse project. It’s perfect. Campers already have storage space, built in furnishings and even a kitchen to play in. And if we ever decide to use it as an actual camper, it’ll be a little like a gypsy wagon. To complete the project we’re using as many salvaged and re-thunk items as we can. As we go through the process of turning this old 1960s camper into a beautiful playhouse, we’ll be posting pictures on my Facebook page:

So here’s some of the “Before” pictures on the day the camper arrived. (The kids are playing in their pajamas, too excited to get dressed first)….

After TWO coats of primer and ONE coat of the top color - Denver Omelete from Menard's