Work on the camper/playhouse project has been underway! This weekend the kids helped start the “inside” decorating, and I painted the rest of the shutters/trim pieces we have been preparing to add to the exterior. Of course, I didn’t get any photo yet except these two:


The mums are planted! I tried to dig out all the fence pieces from the garage, and came to the sinking realization I only had six of them. Not nearly enough for both sides. Luckily, it was MOM to the rescue, and my mother offered up a pile of fence pieces from her garage. I replaced the measley three on each side with hers instead, and it looks much better. (Definitely going to have to photograph tonight). Also with the shutters being painted all the way, I decided to just lean the long ones up against the front door. There are smaller sets to go around the windows, and then I found these…

Shutters... and a little Ollie.

They’re larger than the others, but I thought they could go around the front door. Now, I question whether I will use them, as there will also be an awning over the front door…. it might be a little much.

Anyway – this evening’s project agenda is curtains in the camper! Also affixing the shutters and trim pieces on the exterior.

More pictures soon!