Last March I wrote a blog about my very brown living room

For a long time, I’ve been planning a re-do project, that is much more my style. For at least a year, I’ve been collecting items to re-do the living room. A long process, I know, but then I have some rather eclectic taste, and wanted to collect enough rare finds to complete the project in one sweep. So last week, I took a day off work to paint the living room. Here’s a lesson learned in the paint department. When I was going to purchase the paint, I had a Menard’s paint chip … however, I found myself having to wait around in Stuff-Mart, so I asked at the paint counter if they could match my paint chip. They said they had the color “Hurricane Sky” in their system, so not a problem. I went with their higher end paint for this. I got it home, put it on the wall, and hoped it would dry to the right color. It didn’t. I ended up having to go to Menard’s anyway and get them to mix the color I wanted. Here’s the difference:

Back to my story – I took an entire day off from my 9-5 in order to paint the living room. The ceilings are 10 ft in that room, and so in order to reach the top of the walls, I had to use my kitchen table like scaffolding – and still at nearly 6 feet tall, I had to stand on my toes to reach. It took the entire 8 hours to get the room painted. It’s also a very long room, and so there was a lot of get up on the table, get down from the table, slide the table two feet and start the process over. I’d forgotten what a pain it was to paint that room. Still…. so worth it.

The next day, with the walls dried and the paint mostly cured, I began moving the furniture back into the room. Some of the furniture that used to be in the living room is now in other rooms, and some new furniture has been moved into the living room. One of the new items is this antique desk. The refinishing process for this was a little lengthier than I’d hoped, as it came coated in an oil based paint. After sanding, priming and three coats of gray paint, she’s now all dressed up and ready for the dance. (er…. so to speak)

Another item added to the room was a book shelf. Previously, this corner of the room was occupied by one rather large computer armoire and an oversized space heater designed to look like a fire place. Now, the new desk and the book shelf, along with my antique sitting chair occupy this corner.

My favorite items on the book shelf - hand carved book ends painted white.

Thrift Store Score - Four foot wide giant wall clock

Now with some of the accessories up, and the furniture arranged, I’ll be moving onto the smaller accessories – making new throw pillows for the couches, hanging new curtains, and the final touches on the walls and book shelves. Once all of those accessories are moved in, I’ll post the full pictures of the re-do. In the meantime, here’s another one of my favorite new items in the room – antique lamp on my desk. I was really excited to find the bottom light still works!