Yesterday I had a couple of hours of quiet time before the kids came home from school, and so I decided to do a little more work on the “camper/playhouse” project.
Inside: hung the curtains, hung items on the walls. Outside: hung the shutters, hung the brackets for the awning over the front door.

Outside - the shutters are a little big, so I'm thinking of painting a pattern over the top of the window between the shutters.

Brackets for the front door awning.

Entry-Way chalkboard and "Welcome" words

Re-covered cushions - no more ugly blue denim....Crochet curtains.

Corner decor - vintage bird plaques re-done in GRAPE, deer sculpture re-done in jade and a little vintage coffee tin to boot.

Madelin requested a mini 3-D deer head for the camper/ we made this one in polka dot print.

The "upstairs" reading nook. We need to fill in with the rest of the throw pillows and hang the curtains that go across the front of this area.

Hung their toy pots and pans above the stove. (Don't worry, the gas is disconnected)

One of the disadvantages of kids running in and out this time of year is all the dried leaves they drag into the playhouse.

View from the door ... definitely need to drag out the shop vac and do something about all those leaves.

Naughty boy waiting patiently outside the door for me to play.

After the kids went to bed in the evening, I found a little more time, so I put together the wreath “chandelier”, modge podged some pretty paper over the ugly duck-print burner covers for the stove and finally ironed on the custom letters I got from Laura at Italy Ava ( ) onto the curtains that go across the upstairs portion. Hopefully this afternoon I’ll get even more free time and can install these latest updates and get some new photos taken 😀