Sunday afternoon, we held the much anticipated camper/playhouse housewarming party. We woke that morning to find that it had rained! The rain was much needed here, as the latter part of summer/early fall has been so lacking in rain that much dust surrounds our area. The rainfall over night was just enough to keep the dirt in the yard on the ground where it belonged, rather than kicked up in the air where it could bother us. Soon enough, the sun popped out and the air warmed up. It was a beautiful autumn day!

My eleven year old helped in the kitchen while the two little girls wandered off to play until it was time for the party. He decided it was time he learned to bake, and offered to make the cookies himself. I instructed him on what to do while I worked on the apple crisp and pumpkin crunch cake. We also made “Mississippi Sin” dip to serve on french bread. Here are the recipe links:
Mississippi Sin Dip:

Pumpkin Crunch Cake:

(I didn’t bother including a recipe for apple crisp, because it’s just apples, oats, butter, brown sugar, cinnamon and flour. Crumble all the dry ingredients in a bowl, add butter, smash with fork until crumbly…. pour over top of sliced apples in a greased cake pan)

We also served apple slices coated in chocolate, apple cider with cherries, and we had made (but forgot to set out!) toasted pumpkin seeds.

The guests began arriving right on time, greeted at the front of the house by our sign, referring them to the back yard. Many who arrived didn’t know what to expect, as I’d only told most that it was a camper we turned into a playhouse, and left any further description out of it.

As they walked around the house they got their first view of what it really was.

The first guests to arrive were siblings the two older children are both friends with, along with their mother, and friend of mine, with the most clever gift I think I’ve ever seen.

And this is why we make good friends! I think we both found this equally amusing!

Soon, the rest of the guests arrived, and the next couple of hours were filled with many conversations between the adults over coffee and cider, while the children ran amuck…. just kidding… though they did do a lot of running around, and playing in the playhouse and much enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.

Of course, the children opened some of the gifts they received as well, which included snacks for their playhouse, and this bird feeder and bird feed

Ethan reading the card from his great-grandparents

All afternoon the party went on. By evening we were all ready for a rest!
That’s all for now!