Last weekend, I decided we needed to get out of the house and out of the local area for some much needed R&R. For quite some time, I’ve been eyeballing the store Hunt & Gather on Facebook.
. Shortly after arriving in the cities, and after a quick lunch at Bubba Gumps at the MOA, we were on our way to find this much coveted store.

We programmed the address into the GPS and convinced the kids that they would behave in exchange for fun for them later 😀 (Fun for mom first, then fun for kids… always makes fun for mom time easier). As we neared the location according to the GPS on Xerxes Ave in downtown Minneapolis, my heart nearly skipped a beat. All around were shops with the word “Vintage” on their windows, on their signs, on signs in front of the streets. Oh my goodness, it was a whole neighborhood. I was so excited, I nearly peed a little. (Gross, I know).

One of the first things I saw entering the Hunt & Gather neighborhood....

We started with Hunt & Gather. Walking through that store, I could hardly contain my excitement. Oh geez – rooms and rooms (on two levels!) of junk. (Or as some would say “junque”.) It was perfect, it was wonderful…. If I was rich, that place would now be nearly empty.

Well, hello, love!

So then of course, I had to check out all the shops around there. I tell you I HAD to.
One of the first was a new place called 75% Salvaged

which can also be found here:

Where I found the most beautiful bird cage ever. It had to come home with me (It’s on the outside of the building in the picture… and now it’s currently on my dining room table waiting patiently for me to make the space for it in the living room)….
And we even had the opportunity to visit with the owner, Allison, who is a lovely lady.

After all of that excitement in the “vintage” neighborhood, it was off to meet my cousins at Hell’s Kitchen in downtown Minneapolis (9th St). This restaurant is not affiliated with the Hell’s Kitchen television reality show. This is, however, a pretty neat place. Extremely themed, and even the kid menu said “Heck’s Kitchen”. Plus, everything on the menu is “different” from the normal fare, right down to the handmade yellow tomato ketchup on the table…

This photo sums up my family so well.....

Jazz Band at Hell's Kitchen

So of course, after all of that, I owed the kids a full day of kid time – Children’s Museum, Winter Carnival, Shopping for fun Kid Stuff, swimming in the swimming pool. We did it all.

Then we got to come home (with the Taj Mahal of Bird Houses) (among many, many other things…)

And because they were so good, we topped off the entire weekend with a MOVIE NIGHT after we finished unpacking.