I like to joke around… often… and I’m often rather sarcastic. Sometimes this is to cover up being “uncomfortable” in a situation, but mostly that’s just who I am.

One of those “uncomfortable” situations for me is being in front of the camera. We’re all our own best critics they say, and that’s certainly true for me. I’d rather just avoid the camera. So when it comes about that I must be in a photo for any reason, I have a hard time being serious. Rather… an impossible time being serious.

One of my friends makes a line of mineral make-up. I recently purchased a bunch of new colors of eyeshadow and lipstick as well as some other foundations, hilighters, etc. She mentioned that I should take a photo of the new lipstick on after talking about how much I loved it.

“Er, okay….”

Well I don’t even actually have a Facebook profile picture. What I have, is a photo my co-worker made for me one day …..


It's very fitting that I'm really quite tall in this photo cause it's not real far off from the truth...

But I decided to give it a shot anyway.
What happens, about ten seconds into any photo taking attempt, is that I get all distracted and find it much more fun to make silly faces at the camera…. in the end I have twelve photos to upload… and they’re all rather…. not appropriate for posting on a business page to advertise their “wares”…

What I ended up with was this:

Along with a couple of pictures of the ceiling and a picture of an ugly old dead bug that was in the windowsill.

After another attempt, things didn’t get much better.
Thank goodness for cropping, because this was the best I could come up with:

Fortunately, my snarky face lips once cropped almost look like a very unfortunate attempt at a Victoria’s Secret model pouty lip look. Ha ha hahhahaha.

In all seriousness. I do love this darling woman’s products. And if my contorted twisty face photos didn’t stop you from reading the rest of this post, and you’re interested in her “wares” (and possibly even considering how you could do your own photo shoot so this woman can have some GOOD customer photos)… you can find her Facebook page here: