When I was a young child, my mother was friends with a family that held large Christmas gatherings. One year, we went to their celebration, and upon arrival I noted a very large gift in the corner of one room had caught the attention of all the children in attendance. The gift was taller than I was at the time, and if I were to lay down, the gift was also longer. It was huge. It was also unmarked.

After the dinner, the gift opening commenced. The final gift was the extra large one and it turned out, it was just for me! It was a dollhouse that the two men of the family that were like my own uncles had built by hand, with working lights and a staircase, and carpet. I loved that dollhouse for so many years. Also, being the recipient of such a work of art made me feel pretty special.

As my daughter’s best friend’s birthday drew near, I told my little Madelin the story of my dollhouse, as I’d heard her friend mention her wish for one. Madelin looked at me, her eyes wide and said, “MOM, we HAVE to make her one!” I was so pleased to hear she wanted so much to make a special moment for her friend.

Here’s how we did it…

We set to work finding two dresser drawers, and then we had Dad put them together with some hinges. We also got Dad to put a handle on top for carrying, and a latch on front to keep it closed. We painted the outside turquoise and applied some wall stickers from the Dollar Tree around the outside for extra cuteness.


Here’s the outside:

We then used contact paper (Also from Dollar Tree) to “wallpaper” the walls and another contact paper that looked like wood flooring to cover the “floors”. We used a piece of a bird cage glued to the ceiling for a chandelier, and used a cigar box to make a bed. We found a few pieces of actual “Barbie” furniture – a chair and table for furniture. I sewed a cushion for the bed, and Madelin found a doily for the bed’s blanket. We used another doily for a rug, and Madelin cut out a picture of a door and glued to the wall in the “kitchen” (we used modge podge). There are some cute little “miniatures” in the house that came from a large bag of miniatures I found at a thrift store once.
Here are the rest of the photos:

Door and doily rug…miniature letter holder by the door and watering can glued into the corner…

Wood hutch in the “kitchen” with a miniature of a wash board and tub on the top…

Barbie’s “bedroom”


The full kitchen…

To top it all off, Madelin found a photo of her friend and she and we put it in a small frame … hanging it on the wall of the “kitchen”….