As I mentioned in my previous post (here: ), I’ve been working on a family recipes cookbook after our family reunion…

Here she is… and after the photo I’ll tell you how….


Things you need to have on hand:

Clear “cover” sheets

Metallic cardstock

Binding coils

Plain white paper



The coils I used to bind the books were purchases from my local office supply store (here’s my chance to promo my favorite local office supply store a little …. It’s called Mind Your Business… and it’s in Montevideo, MN or online here: )

Anyway, back to business… (business – tee hee)…. You can most often times get your paper punched to match those coils at the same store you purchased them. (Which I so did… of course).

Print two recipes per 8.5×11 page, cut the pages in half. Print the cover on the metallic paper, cut in half (one for the front, one for the back). I used a clear “cover” (also from the office supply store) also on the front and back. Twist the coil in and … done!

The patience part I mentioned comes in the way of typing in everyone’s recipes while trying to quell the urge to edit them…heavily… I also added a few old pictures of all the people that donated a recipe for use in the book.

Now to figure out how to package them for mailing. Oy.