After our family reunion in July, I collected the recipes from family members to make into a family cookbook.


One of the recipes in particular caught my eye, and I decided I simply must make my great-aunt Beverly’s salted nut roll recipe.


Of course, this inspiration to get in the kitchen and make these didn’t hit until nearly 10 at night, which meant I worked with what I have….which is really my whole problem with baking. I can cook. With cooking you can improvise… don’t have something on hand? No problem, use something else. Didn’t measure exactly? No problem. With baking, however, precision, the correct ingredients, time and patience are all requirements. These are also things I have a problem with most of the time.
So I gathered up my ingredients….

OK, so the recipe called for peanut butter chips, but I had peanut butter and milk chocolate mixed chips. Should be fine, right? We’ll see… Also the recipe called for mini marshmallows, but I only had the regular size marshmallows… well, they’re still marshmallows… the Kindle is there because I have attention issues and need to be doing something all the time, so of course, while there’s lulls in the baking, I’m going to be catching up on some of my reading (three books at a time…. attention issues I’m telling you…).
OK so here’s how I made the recipe, which, mind you is not the actual correct way to make the recipe.
First – dump all the chips and a half stick of butter in a pan (don’t you love my eloquent recipe instructions… ha!)

While that’s melting on low, and you’re remembering to occasionally stir it so the chips don’t burn to the bottom of the pan, you should grease a cookie sheet. OK so the recipe calls for a 9×13 pan. I had a cookie sheet handy so I just used that. Also, I didn’t butter it, I GREASED it with coconut oil… because it tastes better.

Put half of your salted peanuts on the greased pan. (Don’t forget to keep stirring those chips-n-butter!)

***Side NOTE Alert****
Here’s proof Puddin’ will eat anything… in this photo, she’s chasing down and devouring a peanut I dropped on the floor.

Once your butter-n-chips mixture is melted, add a can of sweetened condensed milk.

Stir in thoroughly and remove from heat.
Then fold in marshmallows…. (this is when it dawned on me why mini marshmallows would have been better…. big marshmallows don’t really melt…)

Pour that mixture on top of the nuts in the pan, pour the rest of the nuts on top, press into the mixture and store in the refrigerator…mine really took all night to properly set-up…

OK, so it tasted NOTHING like a salted nut roll…. but it was pretty darn tasty.