There’s something very special about the apple orchard in the fall. I feel so fortunate to live within a brief drive of the Holmberg Orchard. Over the years (not just the 12 years in the newspaper business), I’ve visited the orchard more times than I can count. Something about the crisp air, the cinnamon-apple-and-every-other-possible-fall-smell that surrounds this place makes me feel like I’m home. It’s quiet, yet regularly buzzing with happy faces. Children run through the corn in an old boat, gleefully throwing corn everywhere, with nobody to reprimand them, because hey – that’s okay here. Heck, I am sometimes tempted, myself, to climb in the boat!


The front porch of the Apple Haus gift shop has a scattering of rocking chairs around it, so guests can sit and enjoy the atmosphere a bit.


…And everything is decorated with pumpkins! And mums! And… well, obviously, everything autumn – my favorite time of year


The farm’s pets are like old friends, coming to greet you happily while you visit…

Plus, the gift shop always has a variety of bakery scented candles. Bakery scented candles is perhaps the most evil I get. I really enjoy burning a bakery scented candle so that when people stop by, they get excited, thinking I’m baking something wonderful for them to snack on. Jokes on you guys! I don’t bake well at all! But the candles do smell really good….
Besides being able to take a hayride out to the pumpkin patch to pick-your-own, they have a bunch of different pumpkins around the gift shop to choose from. All varieties and colors… and sizes.

…and of course, gourds and squash varieties as well…

…and on many weekends, you can find the local clown club providing entertainment for the kiddos with balloon animals and face painting…

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