A junking junky with a love for all things Interior Design related.

Photo Credit: Studio B Photography Studio, Marshall, Minnesota.

As a child of a crafty mother, I grew up around hot glue guns, bits of yarn and a house decorated with handmade items. I used to loathe the decorating shows my mother watched on television, begging to watch anything but “yet another” HGTV show. It wasn’t until I became a young mother and college student moving into my first home that I began to explore my own creative side.

Wanting to make my own nest a place of comfort and beauty, I began exploring the world of interior design. Realizing my tastes were leaning towards the expensive catalog items, I decided that if I wanted to arrange my home the way I wanted it, I was going to have to be resourceful. Through many trial and error projects, and many lessons learned in everything from the quality of the suppolies used to where to find the best vintage objects, I built my nest. My projects then spilled over into gifts for holidays for friends and family. Soon, I was coming up with more ideas than places to put things, and decided to make the move into craft shows and Etsy.com. My own personal decorating style is Hollywood Regency from the 1930s era, but my designs range from that era to modern twists on styles seen in Pottery Barn, Anthrolpologie and Ballard Designs.

Book planters -one of the summer projects, 2011

I’ve made a career of being creative, not just in creating home decor items and jewelry, but in writing as well. I’ve spent 10 years in the newspaper business as a journalist, then a newspaper owner and most recently as a news editor. I’ve also worked in marketing and currently also operate a video marketing company. Today, those television shows that I felt forced to watch as a child are my preferred television viewing! I make my home in the same house in Hanley Falls that I first started decorating ten years ago when my son, Ethan was just a baby. My family also consists of two daughters – Madelin (6) and Olivia (1 and 1/2). We also keep busy also with our lhasa poo Jack B. Fuzzypants and fat orange cat Samuel L. Pussycat.

Zombie walks are fun. Being the only non-zombie in a zombie walk can also be fun!


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  1. Linda Abel

    July 10, 2015 at 2:00 am

    Hi! I would like to see more pictures of the camper playhouse. We have an old camper that we used on our truck. Thinking of turning it into a place house and need ideas!

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