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My Grandma doesn’t drive – never has – so yesterday when she wanted to go to her brothers farm to pick apples from the orchard, I took her and ended up taking all three of the kiddos as well. It started out well enough – each kid took a bucket, and little Ollie took the first apple she could find to start munching on and we set to work with the picking. For a few minutes, everything was peaceful…

Then suddenly… out of nowhere… came a blood curdling scream… I dropped my bucket of apples and turned to run to where the screaming Olivia sound was coming from when I saw this….

Big OL DOG standing over Olivia, dropping drool from both sides of his mouth while she stood frozen, staring up at the monstrous dog, screaming as long and loud as she could. The dog, totally unaffected by the raucous noise coming from this child, stood there, drooling and panting, with a blank look on his face, as if he was thinking, “YO, what’s happenin, fellas”. (In a deep, Barry White kind of voice, because he was a big, manly dog.) Once Ollie finished her scream, she got her wits about her enough to run to the safety of Grandma where she clung for dear life to Grandma’s legs pretty much the rest of the time we were there, with the exception of a few moments, where she hid under a tree, and scoped out the dog while Big OL DOG went from person to person looking for a good scratch behind the ears.

She never warmed up to Big OL DOG while we were there, and as we were leaving I asked her if we should take the doggy home with us in the car.
“Yeah” she said in a trembly voice.
As we started to pull out of the driveway, she started to cry. “I want my puppy!” she sobbed.
ha ha ha.

On a side note, while I was up in the tree picking apples, I came up with a poem…. kind of…

Up on a ladder,
inside the tree
there goes the ladder
out from under me

(Because Big OL Dog was one of those dogs that likes to “bump” people for attention. Also, Big OL Dog didn’t seem to notice the ladder was not a “people” he could get attention from.)


It’s getting to be that time of year! Autumn!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Autumn is my favorite time of year, and one of the reasons why is that I get to take my family to one of my favorite places – Holmberg Orchard (rural Vesta, MN).

Would it sound weird if I say I like to go there sometimes just for the smells? It’s weird, maybe, but true.

Here are some of the other “good things” to be found in the orchard….

The Holmberg Orchard Gift Shop

All kinds of neat setups for photo ops

Boat full of corn for the kids to play in.

Yeah, I know, excuses, excuses. But really – summer has been busy! This summer we’re preparing for my grandparents auction, we had work done on the house, travelled a lot and of course – I made a lot of stuff in a very little time. I also actually started UTILIZING my Etsy.com page this summer (I had it but didn’t use it much since 2009). So anyway – after all those excuses, I’m sure it’s obvious, but I’ll point it out anyway because I’m human and that’s what we do….. I haven’t posted anything on here in a long time.

All those dreams I had about writing at least three blog posts a week, sharing projects. I didn’t do it. So now I decided I’m just going to put it on my weekly to-do list as one of those things that would be unacceptable NOT to do, because in essence – writing blogs is taking a little time out for “me” and that’s something I rarely do.

So to start out getting back into the swing of things, I’ll share our recent family trip to the annual Garlic Festival held in New Ulm, Minnesota. One of our favorite activities to do as a family is find any possible “different” or “weird” festival to go to throughout the summer. We still never have made it to the Czech festival come to think of it…. OFF TOPIC …. OK back. Last year we found the “Garlic Festival”. This year was the eighth annual, I believe. We enjoyed it so much we decided we had to go back again this year.

Not only does the festival feature everything…. well, garlic, but this is the best place, I’m pretty sure, in Minnesota to find an large group of people that all have a common interest of sustainable agriculture, natural and organic cooking and all things related to those two topics. People of all ages, all walks of life. It’s not one of those festivals with a polka band, deep fried cheese curds and amusement park rides – *(which is a good amount of the festivals around rural Minnesota areas). This is one of those where people from throughout the state set up booths to not only sell their wares, but to teach people about sustainable agriculture and just good ol’ fashioned cooking.

Some of the booths there included:
•Merriweather Farms – We got the VERY BEST EVER homemade garlic butter there. The kids wanted to eat it like it was ice cream.
•Ridgeroll Farms – Owned by Jerome & Julie Vergin of Buffalo. All natural beef. ‘Nuff said.
•Hawk’s Brain Garlic – hello – there had to be over 20 different kinds of garlic on the table. It was so hard to choose. They even have a website listed on their card (www.hawksbrain.com). I eventually chose two that had heat – one a bite, one a mild heat.
•Then there was this guy (please picture insert properly here)

Another one we visited was the Vintage Farmer Inc. & Retro Market booth. Gluten free products – both years I purchased for my grandmother who, unfortunately, is on a gluten free diet. As she’s tried many products in the past, I trust her testimony that this place had the best gluten free pasta around. (I got her the onion and garlic) (and also a pizza crust). They have a website too – http://www.vintagefarmer.webs.com

Then there was the entertainment. They had the “Narren” from New Ulm, Minnesota – interesting, some cute creatures that basically dance around and don’t speak. Usually the kids are terrified of the “Narren” but this year they had some that didn’t look like people, rather animals. These the kids liked….