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Since I haven’t posted anything yet, but I’ve been working on things, lets just start with a project right off the bat… so here’s to getting to the “good stuff” right away.

I’ve seen a number of wreaths lately wrapped with yarn and thought “Gee, those are purdy, I should try to make one”. So I did!

This is one of my “easier” projects in that it was fairly systematic, and simple by design, however I can tell you – it is an extremely time consuming process.

You start with a foam wreath form. I found out recently that Wal-Mart in my area no longer carries foam wreath forms. They have foam balls, foam half-balls and foam blocks, but no wreath forms. So I stopped at the Dollar Tree in the same town and by chance happened to find what I was looking for. I purchased two of the smaller ones to start. On to yarn…. again, Wal-Mart has a small selection of what I’m looking for. I’m not fortunate enough to live in an area with access to stores with a really good stock of supplies, but I did manage to find a few skiens of yarn of a quality I was looking for. I would suggest using a really lofty yarn to get that bulky yet soft appearance to your finished project.

Now that I’ve collected all the items, I sit down to start phase I of the project. The wrapping. You begin by taping an end of the yarn to the wreath form, then just simply start wrapping the form with the yarn, circling around and passing the skien through the center of the wreath as you go. Do not cut the yarn until your done. You’ll have to cross over the taped area more than once to ensure the tape is covered. Also, wrap somewhat tightly, but not too tight. (Confused?) Wrap just tightly enough that the yarn doesn’t loosely slide around on the form, but not so tight that it looks like an encased sausage when you’re done. Keep pushing the yarn every 1/2 inch or so of coverage tightly against the covered area so that you don’t have any of the wreath form showing through.

Wrapping the yarn around the form snugly.

Keep wrapping until the entire form is covered. This is the really time consuming part. Although this was a small wreath, it took me about an hour. Oh yeah – and don’t let a knot form in the yarn or you’ll have a bulge, or a good half hour of cussing, at least, while you try to unravel the knot. Once it’s entirely covered, wrap the final loop a bit looser than the rest, so that you can pull the yarn an extra inch past the end and clip it, then tie it under the loose loop, pulling tightly and making a small knot that you can hide later with accessories, or leave it on the back of the wreath.

Then you’re ready to accessorize with whatever suits your decor. Here are a couple of my “rough ideas”. (Attach all accessories with hot glue.)