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I’ve spent a lot of time lately creating new objects, so I thought I’d share a few here:
1.) Cruelty Free Taxidermy otherwise known as Faux Taxidermy:

2.) Garden Marker Spoons

3.) Mirrors and Chalkboards

4.) Picture Frames

5.) Wreaths

6.) Jewelry

7. Book Planters

8.) Wall Plaques

All these and many more can also been seen on my Facebook page:


Why you should never shop when you’re tired, and a little prone to getting overly excited about the little things….

1.) You buy TWO jars of buttons, just because you can. Without even looking at the jars very closely.

Okay, who am I kidding? I went shopping and I found a lot of stuff…. it was great…

Find #2 – Hoops – 50 cents each! Going to paint them and find some trendy fabric to make wall art!

Find #3 – Fabric! Adorable blue argyle fleece to make some throw pillows!

Find #4: This weird light bulb container – but I’m definitely going to find a use for it in my office… though it won’t be filled with beans….

Find #5: Funky Shelf. It’s ugly right now, but I instantly pictured it in turquoise… or butter yellow.

Find #6: Vintage Vanity Tray! I love these! I’ve purchase and repainted about 15 of them now, and sold them all. I never manage to keep one for myself!

Find #7 – $3 chandelier…. oh, I have many ideas for how this ugly gold monstrosity is going to become something beautiful!

Find #7 – Baskets! Who could ever have too many baskets for storage…. really?

I should feel bad about spending money when I’m supposed to be saving, but …. I can feel okay about spending a little since nothing was over $3 on it’s own. Not to mention, I purchased everything at the Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Shop and Goodwill, so the money goes to a good cause!

Some of my favorite places to find new items for decorating are “Junk Stores”¬†

One of my favorites is in Belview, Minnesota and is open on Saturdays or by appointment. It’s called Rainbow Junque , Crafts and Antiques and is filled¬†