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Work on the camper/playhouse project has been underway! This weekend the kids helped start the “inside” decorating, and I painted the rest of the shutters/trim pieces we have been preparing to add to the exterior. Of course, I didn’t get any photo yet except these two:


The mums are planted! I tried to dig out all the fence pieces from the garage, and came to the sinking realization I only had six of them. Not nearly enough for both sides. Luckily, it was MOM to the rescue, and my mother offered up a pile of fence pieces from her garage. I replaced the measley three on each side with hers instead, and it looks much better. (Definitely going to have to photograph tonight). Also with the shutters being painted all the way, I decided to just lean the long ones up against the front door. There are smaller sets to go around the windows, and then I found these…

Shutters... and a little Ollie.

They’re larger than the others, but I thought they could go around the front door. Now, I question whether I will use them, as there will also be an awning over the front door…. it might be a little much.

Anyway – this evening’s project agenda is curtains in the camper! Also affixing the shutters and trim pieces on the exterior.

More pictures soon!


Sunday morning I had some precious “free time” to work on the kids camper/playhouse project. The air was crisp and cool, someone in the neighborhood was burning wood, and I had plenty of hot coffee on hand. The older two kids were at Sunday School, so I took little Ollie outside to play in the camper/playhouse while I worked on the outside. I put on some Miles Davis in the garage and turned it up loud enough to hear in the yard and set to work. These are the kinds of mornings I treasure. Quiet, peaceful, kids happily occupied, a little jazz, a little coffee, a nice warm sweater, and working on something I like to do.

The top half of the camper was done for some time, the top half is Dutch Boy’s Denver Omelet (yellow) and so the bottom was the task for the day. The bottom color is Dutch Boy’s Lush Greenery. To accomplish the pattern, I used a casserole lid and traced around the edge of it over and over again. The scalloped edge design helps hide the vent on the side, besides being just cute.

Yellow and Green - Lovely together

I also had time this weekend to spray paint a LOT of different projects I’m currently working on, and finished the fronts of all the shutters that will go on the camper/playhouse.

Shutters in "Tuscan Sunset" - Small ones for windows, tall ones for the front door.

Happiness - The trunk is a family heirloom I am refinishing. More on that in a future post.

….and got a layer of primer on the three sections of my antique folding screen….

First coat of primer on the antique folding screen

This morning I had to run to town and made a WONDERFUL discovery. For those who live in the Marshall area – they are discontinuing the line of Valspar spray paints at K-Mart, and have marked all Valspar spray paints on clearance for….


Can you BELIEVE that? From $4.99 to $1.00. So I bought 80 cans of paint. I figured if I didn’t, I’d kick myself every time I had to buy 8 cans of paint at $4.99 a can to work on projects. Good thing I’ve got lots of shelves in my basement.

Then, I went through the garden center to look for some ideas for landscaping around the bottom of the camper and found….

MUMS! I LOVE MUMS! (And yes, that'd be my trunk half full of mums and spray paint.)

MUMS – my favorite colors! I bought 12 of them. At $2.00 apiece, seeing as how they started out the season at $7.00, that’s a pretty good deal. AND the camper/playhouse will be even more adorable surrounded by MUMS! Now to find that picket-fence style garden trim that’s squirreled away in the garage somewhere.

I did, however, re-organize my work space in the garage a bit. Obviously I need to get some work done on all those projects I’ve been stocking up for 😀

YIKES> and I still have more at Grandpa's old store to bring home and work on.

Next on the agenda for the camper/playhouse project is the front door awning, and planting all those mums, finishing the shutters. Then we’ll be moving on to the inside. 😀 Watch for more posts!

The Camper-Playhouse Project: Three kids can make the house sometimes seem too s…mall. They love to go outside and play, but we also live in Minnesota – which means that quite frequently, the weather interferes with that. Looking into plans to build playhouses, I started to think – there’s got to be a way to utilize things that already exist. Lo and behold – the camper-playhouse project. It’s perfect. Campers already have storage space, built in furnishings and even a kitchen to play in. And if we ever decide to use it as an actual camper, it’ll be a little like a gypsy wagon. To complete the project we’re using as many salvaged and re-thunk items as we can. As we go through the process of turning this old 1960s camper into a beautiful playhouse, we’ll be posting pictures on my Facebook page:

So here’s some of the “Before” pictures on the day the camper arrived. (The kids are playing in their pajamas, too excited to get dressed first)….

After TWO coats of primer and ONE coat of the top color - Denver Omelete from Menard's

This weekend, I decided to start a new project – vintage map covered lampshades. Sounds easy enough, however, I’d decided to accomplish this by layering circles of paper around and around the lampshade until I had a “feathered” look.

I started with a lampshade… a really UGLY lampshade….

….and a bucket full of one and a half inch circles cut out of an old map….

….many hours later. Really – WaY later… and a LOT of adhesive later…. the ugly lampshade now looks like this…

By the end of the weekend, I’d added a few more to the inventory… among many other things…. There used to be a table under all of this…

Buy we also found time to move in the “camper/playhouse”. Recently, I acquired a pickup topper camper that I’m currently working on converting into a playhouse for the girls. To do this I’ve been collecting items for awhile, stockpiling vintage wooden shutters and miniature furniture in the garage, painting as I go, waiting to get the camper placed into the yard. We’ll be painting the outside to match the house, putting a miniature picket fence around it, planting some flowers and building a little deck. We also have plans to put in a cobblestone path from the house to the playhouse in the spring. The inside will be painted, with new curtains and cushion covers, and decorations hung on the walls. In the meantime, we had to get it here and that was… interesting. The only injury was a small cut to the palm of my hand (and for me- kind of a clutz- that’s pretty much a miracle) and a small dent in the siding on one side where we “oops” knocked it off the camper jack still one foot of the ground.
The kids had fun playing in it right away… despite that it was dusty and currently pretty ugly.

and after all of that… we still had to get ready for the first day of school! Luckily everyone went to bed early! I woke up a bit earlier than I usually would the next morning. 5:30 is still pretty dark, so I wandered through the bedroom, searching for the light switch. Just as I found it and flicked it upward, I heard a loud flapping and as the light turned on, I saw nothing but wings – A BAT! I threw myself at the floor and screamed a little… .which caused Sam (my big, fat orange cat) to launch off the staircase like a rocket to take cover under the kitchen table. Bats scare Sam too. I have no idea where the bat went, but I imagine when it gets dark tonight, I’ll find out!

First day of school